Sunday, 22 April 2018


A visit to the ALTT center, Ghaziabad the largest Training center in Asia gave the students of Christ Institute of Management an introduction and intensive half day training. 

It was a travel from the secondary science classes where “how voice travels” basics to “how voice is being converted into packets” to cater to the enormous traffic of voice transportation and data transportation.

Every responsible manager needs to safeguard not only the product, services and /or trademark but also the incoming and out bound data to keep his company growing and prospering in the digital generation. The training opened our eyes to the attacks of hackers and pirates and a real time awareness and need to take precaution. If customers are the wealth of the company and trust is the life blood in that relation, ‘data chori’ has to be a matter of utmost concern for the future managers. The knowledge and learning we received today will go a long way with us. Having experienced these in the largest training center in Asia that too, is situated in close proximity to our institute, left us very proud and enriching. 

At the end of the day, we who thought to have knowledge on Internet of Things (IoT)were humbled and encouraged to know more and more.  Thank you ALTT, Jai Hind


   Christites in Ghaziabad making us proud again by reflecting their inquisitiveness to Global and Current 

    Staying connected with the outside World gives our students an edge in Corporate placement. 
      Kudos to the winners!

*Business Standard Newspaper Supplement ,06/04/18 page 08


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