Thursday, 21 September 2017


 HR association of Christ Institute of Management, Ghaziabad organized a one-day workshop on Time management and Stress management on 5th of August, 2017. Ms. Leena Gupta, a trainer with 15 years of experience in the field of training sales and finance professionals engaged the programme. Prioritization matrix with a dynamic diagram presented by her helped the future managers to identify issues of everyday life with relative importance and categorize the most important tasks and least important tasks. Time indeed waits for none. But importantly she cautioned the aspiring managers to set their foot firmly in the firm with its vision and objectives or else to be a victim of stress made by one’s own wimps and fancies!  Ways to beat the stress? Yeah a trainer of her caliber, Ms. Leena had solutions like: multi-tasking, manage and control crisis, increase productivity in our work place etc. 

While emphasizing the dos and don’ts be taken care of while being in a corporate space the speaker highlighted the concept of thought: Thought is the seed of idea. All actions result from thought. The greatest weapon against stress is our ability to choose one thought over another. It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it. Every individual needs to manage his or her thoughts to maintain action, habit and character. A well characterized manager is the product a B-School in NCR must produce, indeed. And the workshop did the job to accomplish this goal.

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Convocation 2017

Graduation is an exciting time. It’s both an ending and a beginning; it bears warm memories of the past and big dreams for the future. So did the students, parents and guests from different parts of India gathered under one roof at Christ Institute of Management on 7th July 2017, on the momentous occasion of the 2nd convocation ceremony of the batch 2015-2017.

The ceremonious procession was made all the more colorful by the Band of St. Joseph’s Academy began from the entrance of the B Block of the Institution to the seminar hall. Jatin Bhatia, the student of the year 2016, led the procession of the beaming seniors walking with an air of true achievers. So did the proud faculty along with the Chairman and director and other dignitaries.

The Chief Guest of the 2nd Convocation ceremony was Prof. Dr. John Varghese, Principal, St. Stephen’s College, Delhi. Rev Fr. Dr. Jose CC, Chairman-Board of Governors, Rev Fr. Sunny Joseph, Vice Chairman-Board of Governors, Rev Fr. Jossey George, Director-Christ Lavasa campus and Prof Dr. Saju K James, Director Ghaziabad campus solemnized the occasion

The programme formally commenced with the Institution’s anthem followed by the lightning of the lamp, signifying the absence of darkness, grief and unhappiness. This was followed by the welcome address by Mr. Sanjib Bhattacharji, the academic co-coordinator. Prof Dr. Saju K James addressed the gathering after which Rev Fr Dr Jose CC, Chairman, Board of Governors declared the ceremony open.


The moment which each graduating student and proud parents looked forward to, the conferment of their diploma, PGDM, commenced with the academic excellence certificates being awarded to the academic toppers: Ms Samridhi Ohri and Ms Sukriti Zareen Jacob. After receiving their certificates, the graduating students were administered the graduating pledge by the Placement Head, Mr Hadrine Pereira. The Chief Guest Dr. John Varghese addressed the proud graduates and reminded them to keep their feet firmly on the ground while aiming high. He advised them to stay calm and to use the intelligence to bridge the gap between the classroom and workplace.  Rev Fr. Dr Jose CC presented the Chief Guest with a memento as a token of our gratitude before speaking to the audience and inspiring them with his words of wisdom.

An Alumni of our Institute then stepped forward to share his experience as a working professional during the last one year and expressed his gratitude in preparing the steps to tread the road which is harsh and horrid.  This was followed by the sharing of some heartfelt thoughts and hopes for the days to come, by the student representative Ms Sukriti Zareen Jacob.
As expressed by Ernie Harwell “It's time to say goodbye, but I think goodbyes are sad and I'd much rather say hello. Hello to a new adventure.” the choir bid adieu to the batch of 2015-2017, through a meaningful farewell song. The convocation ceremony was declared officially closed after the farewell song.

The function concluded with the release of the Institute magazine, Prism - by the Director, Christ Institute of Management, Lavasa, Rev Fr. Dr. Jossey George. He presented the first copy to a graduating student, Abhinav Pratap Singh, an incumbent employee with Ameriprise, where five more graduating students are well placed. As is the practice, the event concluded with Ms Sarika Jain, Faculty- Finance, proposing the vote of thanks. Every one gathered proudly rendered the national anthem in unison after which the ceremonial procession moved out of the seminar hall, leaving behind a bunch of extremely exalted Happy Christites –now- turned proud alumni of one of the best B-School of NCR. After a long round of hugs and congratulations everyone relished the tasty food arranged at the ground floor.

Sunday, 17 September 2017

Soft Skill Acquisition- Need of Managers

“Technical skills can get you a job, but soft skills can make you or break you as a manager”. To enhance our knowledge in soft skills and to augment the potential in these essential skills the student community of this promising Management school of NCR were given an opportunity on 11-Aug-2017 from 11:15 am – 1:15 pm in IIIrd Floor – Seminar Hall by Dr Rakesh O Bacon to interact and inculcate many such skills.

The session was highly informative and the resource person made it exceptionally interesting through brainstorming activities, live demos and theatric performances.

Mere talking do not do the whole: Listening, that too effective listening constitute the major factor in imbibing interpersonal skills. Ways and means to achieve them enlightened us to enhance communication quality. It, in turn, encourages optimistic attitude, healthy relations and improved participation.                                                   

We were able to assimilate the fact that the Communication Quality Enhancement leads to better decision- making in an organization and that we could relate it to enriched team work.

The session taught the students how Interpersonal communication skills are essential for developing other key life skills like being able to communicate well with others and how it becomes essential in solving problems that inevitably occur both in their private and professional lives.

Prof. Hadrine Pereira, Head of Placement cell, CIM Ghaziabad, and my fellow coordinator and senior Christite, Liza Elizabeth Anthony gave not only an opportunity personally to me but a mentoring support to conduct in the best possible way. It was a great experience to organize such an event.

Saturday, 16 September 2017

News of the week

– August 10, 2017

Every news affects us in some way or the other. It reflects and report the trends and happening from all over the world. News gives an insight on the national, international, local, social, political, cultural etc. aspects of the life. Thus it becomes imperative for all budding managers, to know their surroundings and have an understanding of what is going on in business, economy and around them. In order to fulfil the above said, a session titled ‘News of the Week’ was organized on August 10, 2017 at 4:10 PM in Seminar Hall. The News were presented by Mehul Rajvanshi (PGDM IV) and Priya Agrawal (PGDM I).

It was an in-depth analysis of few important news covering business, economy, sports and international events, and their impact on various segments.

Evidently news can be summarised by saying that news is called the mirror of the world. Further, it can be said that the news is the guardian of the democracy. Since news keeps the general public informed, and well-informed public is essential for the success of the democracy. News adds to the knowledge of the receiver by informing them about the new discoveries, inventions, and products.

Khelo CIMG Khelo

The Badminton Tournament

One of the most attractive events of the quarter was held at Christ Institute of Management on 4th Aug Friday and 5th Aug Saturday to the full cheer of the entire B- School. Highly enthusiastic players showed the best of their performances. Father Thomas, Principal, St. Joseph Academy, a sports man himself, inaugurated the event and brought in more energy with his charismatic personality. The faculty coordinator Prof. Sanjib Bhatacharjee and the Khel coordinators Apeksha Khanna, Harpreet Kaur  & Akshay Jain gave opportunity to the warring teams  to organize, practice, perspire and perform with vigor and vitality to make the tournament a great success.

54 participants sweated it out on Friday in the preliminary round to eliminate the weaker ones. 15 matches took place on the preliminary round in two indoor courts before a cheering and yelling supporters. Saturday saw the big men growing bigger and smashing ladies growing super smashers!! The entire final match was videographed for the sheer joy of seeing the astounding smashes and forearm techniques of the shakers of badminton court.
The runners up of women's badminton team were - Steffy Anna Stephen & Ayushi Vyas and the runners up of men’s badminton team were - Vishnu Nair & Karan Yadav.
The winners of women's badminton team were – Simi Sam & Deeksha Srivastava and the winners of men’s badminton team were – Vishal Mehta & Albin Joseph. Albin Joseph was unanimously declared the most valuable player of the tournament.

A tournament of this magnitude gave not only highest participation from among the students but many made it a tool to build up self-confidence, team work and strategic planning platform.

As the chief coordinator of the event, I feel immense happiness in successfully organizing and meticulously planning and admirably executing the tournament.

Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Orientation Program of PGDM – Batch 2017 – 2019

Christ Institute of Management, Delhi NCR, Ghaziabad successfully conducted an Orientation Program for the students of PGDM batch 2017 – 2019 on 6th July, 2017. The orientation program was designed to support the new batch as they begin their journey at CIM. It was to make the students aware about the experience of being an integral part of the institution and to make them familiar about the curriculum during the 2 years.
PGDM, MBA, Management

In the orientation program Rev. Dr. Jossy George (Director, CIM Lavasa), Rev. Dr. Viju P D (Director – Admissions Christ University), Prof. Dr. Saju K James (Director, CIM Ghaziabad), Rev. Fr. Sunny Joseph (Vice Chairman), Mr. Sanjib Bhattacharjee (Academic Coordinator), Mr. Hadrine H Pereira (Head-Corporate Relations), Mrs. Jeanne Poulose (Head - Counseling), Mrs. Sarika Jain (Asst. Professor - Finance), Dr.Vinod Sharma (Asst. Professor - Marketing), Dr. Sanjay Rastogi (Asst. Professor -  Finance) gave their gracious presence.
The students were acquainted to Christite Attributes by Rev. Dr. Viju P D. He emphasized on ‘Holistic Development’, attained through academic excellence, professional competence, personal, inter-personal and societal skills.

Dr. Jossy George in his thought provoking speech highlighted on Nurturing the Future. He highlighted the ‘Gold Mine’ the students are and emphasized the need for self-awareness and self-actualization through the programme of study in the two year tenure.
Mr. Sanjib Bhattacharjee briefed the students about the structure of the academic program that the students have to undergo for the 2 years.

Mr. Hadrine Pereira addressed the audience and spoke on Campus to Corporate Mantra, to hone professional competence and assimilate noble values in transforming students into industry ready corporate leaders of tomorrow through experiential and holistic approach.

Ms. Jeanne Poulose enlightened the students about Counseling and Attendance session which provides orientation to students, guides them in the development of their educational plan; leads to essential support services; and assists with personal concerns and the development of good study skills.

Mentoring at CIM Ghaziabad is an essential part of the curriculum every trimester, which helps the students move ahead seamlessly in their journey of learning and self-discovery, equipped with confidence and the right attitude. The session on mentoring was taken by Ms. Sarika Jain and its need and learning were emphasized.

Assessment and Grades session was taken by Dr. Vinod Sharma. He emphasized on each steps beginning with continuous internal assessment (CIA) to mid-term examination and end-term examination that every educational activity along with the attendance do accumulate grades to the final result.

Dr. Sanjay Rastogi threw light on the Value Added Programs which are a part of the curriculum like J Gate Training, Six Sigma Certification, and Advance Excel etc.

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Sunday, 23 April 2017


A sound mind in a sound body. To prove this dictum true and contemporary, the Christ Institute of Management, Ghaziabad organized Sports Meet 2017 on April 8, 2017. It was winged out into four  events: Race, Tug of war, Kabaddi and Table Tennis.

The Sports Meet 2017 was inaugurated by Rev. Fr. Anto Pudusserry the Vice Chairman of the Institute. The first event of the day was 100 meter race. The finalists were chosen from different heats and it was spectacular to watch the students giving their best to secure positions. The second event was Tug of war and the students from different houses locked horns to compete their rivals. It indeed resembled a war standing apart a distance and fierce pull to prove their might. The third event was Kabaddi. It reminded of the saying ‘knock the door of success until success opens its door’ and students’ performance was amazing to watch. This was an action packed event prompted by the popular “Pro-kabbadi”. The students of Porter and Drucker House came out triumphant in both the team events. Snacks were offered to all students in order to restore their energy for the next event and to beat the heat and bring fresh talents. The final event of the day was Table Tennis and students did splendidly well. Immediately, after the events, prize distribution ceremony took place to crown the students who were overwhelmed with joy and happiness.

The winners shared their thoughts about the Sports Meet 2017 and their feel for the ‘winnables’ who gave them tight competition and the urge to stick on to the winning spirit. The sharing indeed was remarkable from the point of Management studies and truly humorous and enjoyable experience for all of them. It highlighted the importance of sports for physical fitness. It not only helped to develop a healthy mind in a healthy body but also helped to inculcate team spirit and discipline.

Kudos to all!

Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Gratitude Day and Farewell Day – PGDM 2015-17 Batch

Christ Institute of Management, Ghaziabad bid farewell to the final year students of PGDM on April 13, 2017. Having passed through a couple of hectic years the seniors accounted to have achieved academic as well as organizational acumen. Rev. Fr. Sunny addressed  to thank the students for their willingness to learn, achieve and disseminate and the faculty for their cooperation in imparting, supporting and walk along with the final year students giving his blessings and best wishes for their bright career ahead.

It was an occasion for the outgoing students to look back the time they spent on campus and the education they acquired during the period. All the seniors shared their experience they have come across during these two years. Juniors organized a variety of entertaining programmes for the seniors accompanied with luscious snacks. The mementos presented by juniors to seniors were a symbol of love and respect indeed. The students of both batches joined the dance floor to make the event a memorable one.

This marks the end of two fruitful and wonderful years crucial in turning the seniors to management professionals. The farewell program ended with mixed feelings for both students and teachers. 

Friday, 3 March 2017

My Success Story

What more can you expect as you head off into the wonderful world of higher education, i.e.: PGDM and that too from Christ Institute of Management. I chose CIM to help me get closer to my dreams. The curriculum, though rigorous, brings out the best & unearthed qualities with holistic education and development. The faculty, peers, staffs and guest lecturers are of great help in accentuating the best learning experience.

CIM has provided me with a great platform to participate in various managerial and cultural events, not only in-campus, but outside campus as well. Academically I have grown more active and focused. The theoretical studies are of great help in personal life and definitely will be of much great use in corporate life with applicability in real-time situations. (Lastly, after covering all the areas of personal development), CIM has also helped me become a fit person through weekly involvement in Sports and Games.

Here in Christ Institute of Management, I got an opportunity to be part of such a great diverse culture where I have learned about team spirit, supportive peers, competition, responsibility, leadership, and many more which will definitely be of great help for me in corporate world. CIM has honed me not only in single domain, but holistically and will continue to do the same till the end of the curriculum.

Gyanvi Singh
PGDM 2016 Batch

Tuesday, 21 February 2017

“Be a pineapple, wear a crown, stand tall and be sweet inside”

“Be a pineapple, wear a crown, stand tall and be sweet inside”

We all as a student do not know what it is like in the corporate, how to deal with things and stand up for the values you have developed in yourself. Being yourself is not a difficult task but being someone for another person and reacting in the right way in situations is what that must be learned and mastered.
college life library happy emotional PG graduatate

The opportunity that I get here in Christ Institute of Management has molded me to become a true person of integrity and to be confident in my own steps. I started think more reasonably and developed my skills in making new friends and most importantly not forgetting what memories has taught me which made me the way I am today.

Being realistic is very crucial, which I realized being part of the Christ family. I used to be a very easy going person but now I know to manage myself, be more disciplined and to be more dedicated to the things which raise you up from where you are right now. We are keeping on upgrading ourselves and evolving to better person day by day and Christ gives you the best platform while going through this process of our life.
college life library happy emotional PG graduatate

The faculties are well experienced and each and every classes are full of energy and highly informative. The infrastructure and the and the learning atmosphere that is available in the campus is worth bragging about.

Definitely I have become a pineapple ;)

Richie Jacob Koshy  


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