Thursday, 22 December 2016

‘CHANAKYA’ 2016 – A Workshop of Business Simulation Game

Students and Faculty of Christ Institute of Management, Ghaziabad participated in a two day Business Management Simulation Workshop called "CHANAKYA" organized by Ghaziabad Management Association on 15th & 16th December 2016.

This event was conducted by All India Management Association (AIMA), with Mr. D K Gupta and his team from the Games division of AIMA facilitating the entire two day programme.

'Chanakya' is a business simulation game wherein teams comprising of four participants are presented with a hypothetical business scenario to begin with and in the subsequent rounds new developments keep unfolding. They are then required to take decisions in the capacity of CEO, CFO, COO and CMO to maximize the profitability of the organization under the most dynamic conditions. The inputs keyed in by the participants are then processed by the software and results are revealed after every round.

Eight participating teams in this event were from the management cadre of established Industries and faculty and student representatives from Management Institutes. A few teams had in fact competed in similar simulation games in the past at the global level.

This event was widely appreciated and liked by all the participants. Since the decision making involved in the game covered all the functional areas it gave the participants realistic insight in to the cross functional interdependence in organizations and the cascading impact of every decision taken. “Chanakya” was definitely a great learning experience for the students and faculty alike


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