Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Intra-college Business Plan competition

Intra-college Business Plan competition

“The value of an Idea lies in its implementation. Thus, an idea is useless, unless implemented”.

India is turning into a Start-up nation. With each day passing, a new start-up is emerging. And who is responsible for this? It’s none other than Entrepreneurs Thus, to prepare students, the budding entrepreneurs, for their future, Christ Institute of Management; Ghaziabad organized an Intra-college Business Plan competition named I-Start on 23rd of September’2016. This event was hosted by Entrepreneurship Cell of CIM. 
The event had participation of 10 teams from 4 different houses. The event had 2 rounds; 1st round was Elimination round which consisted of presenting and briefing the idea to the judges through the medium of visuals i.e. by drawing on the chart paper, for which students were given 1 day. It was a tough decisions that judges has to make about which team wil qualify for the next round and which will be eliminated but fortunately no team was eliminated and judges promoted everyone for the 2nd round which was all about pitching the ideas to the judges, where judges were suppose to act as venture capitalists and teams were asked to persuade judges for funding by explaining all their strategies, be it marketing, finance, management structure & operations and many more for their ideas. The results were not declared on the same day and were prolonged for the next day, just to keep that anxiety among the students. Eventually, next day the results were out and were like this- Jason & Sukriti were 1st, Anamika & K. Arun bagging the 2nd position and Jeslyn & Jatin being the 3rd best to attract judges. The overall event was a great learning for everyone and showcased the brilliance of students as in coming out with innovative ideas.

Jatin Bhatia


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