Tuesday, 20 September 2016



It is said that “For good ideas and true innovation, you need human interaction, conflict, argument, debate.”
Debate is the way of presenting our thought and information in front of people who may or may not agree with our perspective. Debate is not about winning the argument, but about discussion of all aspects of a problem. Debate and mooting leads to innovative solutions. Debating allows students to develop many skills such as public speaking, listening carefully, presenting thoughts in an effective manner. It also forces them to look at an issue from multiple angles, thereby improving their knowledge base.
Thus in order to develop skills and to foster a healthy competitive environment, the Debate Club of Christ Institute of Management organized an Intra-College Debate Competition on 9th September, 2016. The four houses of the institute contested against each other on topics such as Globalization and Capital Punishment.  It was evident that students had a lot say and that each tried their best to put forth new and fresh perspective on the topics. Each house was represented by a team of four students, out of which six best performers were selected by the panel of judges for the Speech Round.
The Speech round required the selected students to speak for at least 5 minutes on a randomly selected topic. The topics chosen varied greatly in range; from Reliance Jio to Juvenile Justice Act, 2016. The Judges declared the winners after evaluating their speeches on content, relevance and effectiveness. The winners were Shashank, Jason Joseph and Mehul Rajvanshi, securing first, second and third places respectively.

Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Christ Institute of Management, Delhi NCR conducted a two day workshop on – Mentoring

Christ Institute of Management, Delhi NCR conducted a two day 
workshop on – Mentoring

Mentoring is a brain to pick, an ear to listen, and a push in the right direction” these words not only  resemble the real meaning for mentoring, but also what we christites experience on our mentoring session which was conducted by Mr. Noel & his team from Christ University, Bangalore. This team has been lighting a lamp for someone which has also brighten their own path. In the few minutes of the start of session itself, we felt lucky that we met the right mentors at the right time. Everyone, at one point of time in their life, need someone to inspire them to improve upon themselves. And we, christites, whole heartedly can say that we met those kind of people during our mentoring session. In day one it was all about identifying who we are and what we have to be. The session started off with some dance moves which got us eased into this venture and then playing the games like balloon bursting, stealing the maximum properties of others etc. They made us understand the importance of the core values of Christ University which is Faith in god, Love for fellow beings, Pursue excellence, Moral uprightness, Social responsibility. The motive behind such kind of games was about how to protect our buddies from all the problems which they face. Therefore it’s not about how safe we are, but we also have to ensure the safety of our buddy. In other games like stealing the properties of others is the game in which everyone involved in dodging & even not bothered about our friends. This taught us how important the love for your fellow beings is. “Kindness makes a world afloat” is what makes a person a real human being which was very much evident from the various videos of Life vest’s “One Day” which was shown to us. On day two, it was about getting yourselves connected to the batch mates whom you never known as your close ones. And then the team conducted an activity where students discussed about each other. The reason behind this was to know the importance of each other’s lives. There was session in which we have to respond to question which was put everyone in common. The purpose was to create a much better understanding amongst the students about each other and understand each other’s importance in one’s life. In the end of session Noel sir himself took the charge and forced us to introspect and left in a frame of mind where we had to think a lot for what we have done in our life till now. These people inspired us and showed that this session was all about, how much of the good deeds them pouring into us. And more importantly showed the path for us to travel. 


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