Saturday, 21 May 2016

                     Convocation in the Management Institute

It was a day to be marked in the history of Christ Institute of Management, one of the best Management Colleges in Delhi NCR as amidst the whirring of cameras and the clicking of shutters on 19th May, 2016, the batch of Post Graduate Diploma in Management graduates celebrated the highest point in their academic journey, the successful completion of the course in the form of receiving their degrees in the memorable Convocation Ceremony as is common among the  best  B schools in India. For the ceremony, Christ Institute of Management, Delhi NCR was honoured to have Prof. Subramanian Janardanan, formerly Registrar and Dean at Christ University, Bangalore as the Chief Guest. Dr. Fr. Jose CC, Fr. Anto Pudussery, Prof. Saju k James, Mr. Sanjib Bhattacharjee, Mr. A K Dogra also graced the occasion with their presence and were the officiating officers. As the ceremony commenced, to wrap up their years of sweat and toil in Christ Institute of Management, one of the best PGDM college in Delhi, students partook in walking down the aisle of the Hall in a procession along with the dignitaries and thereafter the  lighting of the lamp and the invocation. The proud batch of 2014-16, received their fruit of hard work and perseverance and took a pledge to uphold the dignity, honour and prestige of the institute. The proud parents watched as their children received their degree certificates from the honourable Chairman.

"Never doubt you were born to do great things! “You’re not going to get very far in life based on what you already know. You’re going to advance in life by what you’re going to learn after you leave here.”
The chief guest gave a deep and meaningful insight into what life really is going to be and what is required to survive, encouraging the graduating students to be patient, hardworking yet smart and perseverant. Thereafter the first years performed a farewell song for their seniors on behalf of the institute and the faculty. There was a prize distribution ceremony conducted to award the students for their performance and excellence in the various events, academic as well as extracurricular activities, organized in the campus throughout the academic session, portraying the holistic development initiatives taken by the institute in the shaping of the students. The Summer Internship Report booklet was also released on this auspicious event. As the Convocation drew to a close, the fresh graduates flooded out of the hall, eager to share the joy with their family and friends. In the company of good food and good friends, snatches of conversation overheard revolved around reminiscing of shared memories, the exchange of details as well as promises to meet up.

The graduates' journey does not just end here. From this moment on, the graduates are poised to embrace and tackle any challenges that come along the way and the journey has just begun for them. Our heartiest congratulations to the graduates of 2014-16!

Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Professionalism in Management Students

“Professionalism is not a label you give yourself. It's a description you hope others will apply to you” David Maister

Professionalism is an attitude, not a time commitment. When things change inside you, things change around you. Your attitude finally drives your result. The word, Professionalism is much beyond doctors, lawyers and teachers. It’s even meant for sportsmen, tradesmen and even politicians. This is more of an “ethical obligation” to whosoever they offer their service. In nutshell, any profession is required to have a code of ethics, which has to be reflected by today’s student managers.
We Invited – Dr Swarup Sinha, Principal, ITC Hospitality Management to talk on the need of professionalism for Management students, wherein he emphasized that the actual essence of professionalism is to have technical and ethical standards, and exhibit a courteous, conscientious and businesslike behavior at the workplace. Employees in supervisory, managerial positions are expected to lead by example and help create an organizational culture that respects people and nurtures creativity, initiative, innovation and enhance performance. Professionalism is a long-ingrained approach to work and work-related situations. It takes conscious effort and consistency to become a thorough professional.

Our students were also made aware about the professional sense of dressing, attitude, adhering to management principles, staying composed and calm by better controlling their emotions. And the un-forgetful “walk the talk” which emphasize that if your actions don't align with you words, you'll quickly lose credibility.

This was really a meaningful session conducted by the office of Career Guidance and Placements at Christ Institute of Management on 06 May2016.


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