Monday, 18 April 2016

Welcome back!!!!!

Entrepreneurship Club of Christ Institute of Management, Delhi NCR organized the second round of B-plan event held at the Seminar Hall, A- Block. Name of the event was “OWNERSHIP PATTERN FOR YOUR ENTERPRISE” and this was the second round of the B-plan event in which participants  talked about the legal and technical feasibilities of their business plan. Given below are the pre – requisites for ths event based on which participants were judged.

i)   Cover page slide
ii)  Brief reference to your business plan
iii) Legal aspects
iv) Ownership pattern
v)  Justification for the opted pattern
vi) Conclusion

Many participants come up with brilliant ideas durintg their presentations. This event was judged by Prof. Dr. A.K. Singh. It was really out of the box thinking approach from the participants which surprised everyone. It was a tight competition and it took sometime for our honorable judge to conclue with the results. Glad to see this event taking turns into different levels giving the shape of success. Eight more days to go. The final battle is yet to come….

                                                                               Till then STAY TUNED…!!!!!! 

Saturday, 9 April 2016

Christ Institute of Management, 
Delhi NCR organizes
Entrepreneurship Club Competition 

Christ Institute of Management, Delhi NCR brings the Entrepreneurship Club Competition giving an opportunity to all the students to show their talent and validate their idea taking it to the next level.

The Entrepreneurship Club brings together student entrepreneurs and innovators in a community where ideas flow freely and new ventures grow.
This time the Entrepreneurship Club Competition is a three day event given as follows –

Date                                      Events
06/04/2016 –                      Business Plan
18/04/2016 –                      Pattern for your enterprise
26/04/2016 –                      The Snack Game

On April 06, 2016, the competition was declared open by Fr. Jose C.C. enlightening the students about the opportunities the Entrepreneurship Club offers and also congratulating the club members for the hard work and efforts put by them to make this event a success. Journey is on with the first round of the event which took place on last Wednesday and many students participated presenting their business plan. All the participants presented their idea as per the given structure –

  • ·         Cover Page Slide
  • ·         Table of Contents
  • ·         Business Concept
  • ·         Business Strategy
  • ·         Marketing Plan
  • ·         Operation Plan
  • ·         Financial Plan

Time given to each candidate for the presentation was limited to 7 minutes only. It was amazing to see such pioneering concepts students have placed during the presentations and the level of clarity they do have in their business plan. First round of the event was judged by Dr. A.K. Singh and Mr. Sanjib Bhattacharjee.

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