Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Placement Experience

“Be employable is what you should aim, you’ll be employed without any pain.”
A decisive moment in every person’s life is getting a first breakthrough in life and landing in your dream job is a dream coming true. Many MBA aspirants have this as a primary question while joining a college that, “What’s the status of placements in this college”? So here’s my insight towards placement at Christ Institute of Management, Delhi-NCR. I hope this journey of yours with me will ease you from your worries. I underwent many opportunities with many companies. My first interview session was with a start-up “Dhincheck” which was an eye opener for me. Even though I wasn’t selected for the same but had a great real time experience about how to face questions and how to relate it with your C.V. After that interview I went through a series of interviews with continuous series of Placement Trainings. Then with a lot of rigorous self analysis and brushing of interpersonal skills in order to achieve holistic development, I got my dream job. Currently, I am a Growth Hacker in a Hong Kong based MNC with a decent package. 

The placement trainings themed as “Campus to Corporate” acted as a guru mantra to achieve my goal. These trainings help me to gain the real attitude to be employable. These were the transforming keys to unlock the world of opportunities. I loved being a part of such activities and believe me they are real fun, leaving you with many grey areas to think upon. What is needed in corporate is –“A learner attitude” and this was embedded in me through these training organized by Christ Institute of Management, Delhi-NCR. The placement cell facilitates you with opportunities but at last it’s all upon you how you en-cash them. Every interview you face makes you better but you should never forget to introspect and learn.
Bottom Line: - An attitude is what that makes a difference. The placement cell only arranges the path for your success. Choose the best for yourself and enjoy your time with Christ Institute of Management, Delhi-NCR and be a charming candidate.      
Vinod KN
II PGDM student

Saturday, 20 February 2016

Placement Activities at Christ Institute of Management, Delhi NCR
Talent is present in every student, it's vital to groom and mould the talent as per the need of the CORPORATE WORLD, which is the  basis of Christ Institute of Management, Delhi NCR. Taking a lead in the best practices among the best MBA colleges in Delhi, we have a    full-fledged  Office of Career Guidance and Placement. The Office functions with the main intention of Training for getting the best of the Placements to our students. The office monitors the employment opportunities and arrange campus interviews for the students. 

The training for getting the best of the Placements is done in different phases starting with the Organizational Structure Study, Summer Internship in the Corporate world and Specific skill development in the Second Year of study. This has set a benchmark among the B schools in Delhi.
Training plays the most significant role in transforming students for the Industry .We at Christ Institute of Management, Delhi NCR have an exhaustive training designed with the experience from the industry.
The training this year included SWOT Analysis, CV Preparation, understanding the Interest and  matching expectation with the Organization’s defined Job description. We have a series of GD and Mock Personal Interview sessions prior to the real Interview. Additionally, we engage the students in varied workshops like - career mapping, Personality development, Effective communication, Conflict resolution etc.


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