Thursday, 22 December 2016

‘CHANAKYA’ 2016 – A Workshop of Business Simulation Game

Students and Faculty of Christ Institute of Management, Ghaziabad participated in a two day Business Management Simulation Workshop called "CHANAKYA" organized by Ghaziabad Management Association on 15th & 16th December 2016.

This event was conducted by All India Management Association (AIMA), with Mr. D K Gupta and his team from the Games division of AIMA facilitating the entire two day programme.

'Chanakya' is a business simulation game wherein teams comprising of four participants are presented with a hypothetical business scenario to begin with and in the subsequent rounds new developments keep unfolding. They are then required to take decisions in the capacity of CEO, CFO, COO and CMO to maximize the profitability of the organization under the most dynamic conditions. The inputs keyed in by the participants are then processed by the software and results are revealed after every round.

Eight participating teams in this event were from the management cadre of established Industries and faculty and student representatives from Management Institutes. A few teams had in fact competed in similar simulation games in the past at the global level.

This event was widely appreciated and liked by all the participants. Since the decision making involved in the game covered all the functional areas it gave the participants realistic insight in to the cross functional interdependence in organizations and the cascading impact of every decision taken. “Chanakya” was definitely a great learning experience for the students and faculty alike

Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Learning gained from an Industry Visit

Learning gained from an Industry Visit

Christ Institute of Management, one of the leading AICTE approved PGDM Institute in Delhi NCR, organized a visit to Mother Dairy Plant at Patparganj, Delhi on 09 Nov 2016. It gave the Management students an opportunity to enrich their knowledge about the FMCG Industry and explore the challenging working environment in the corporate.
Mother Dairy Fruit and Vegetables Private Limited is an Indian company that markets and sells milk, milk products and other edible products. Its milk products include cultured products, ice creams, cottage cheese and ghee under the mother dairy brand. Mother dairy was found in 1974 as a wholly owned subsidiary of the national dairy development brand.

The session started with a documentary video about the inception of Mother Dairy and its organizational growth and development. It unfolded the strong vision it evolved and nourished over the years. The video helped us to understand not only the supply chain and the distribution process but also its effectiveness in reaching market flawlessly. It procures, purifies, packs and supplies around 3,00,000 liters of milk daily.
The guidance of a well experienced mentor who explained all the procedures and processes were carefully noted and followed by us who wondered how man and machine interact with milk before it reaches a consumer's glass. The company mainly follow four steps in providing high quality milk: Clarification, Homogenization, Standardization and Pasteurization. We were enlightened with the uniqueness of Mother Dairy milk compared to its competitors. Mother Dairy believes in quick adaption to the customer's needs and changes in the market.
 A Campus tour was arranged later that influenced quite a good number of students to opt Mother Dairy as an ideal Career Starter.
It was a good learning experience for us to understand the company's focus on quality and it's sustainability in the market. This session has enriched us in gaining real-time exposure to the corporate world and has helped us gauge knowledge about the management practices at Mother Dairy. This visit was a memorable experience and a great learning experience.

Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Orientation Programme for II & V Trimester

              Orientation Programme for II & V Trimester

 “New semester, new beginning” this is the thought which was lingering in the minds of the christites during the orientation programme for PGDM II &V on 3rd November 2016. The day was marked by the presence of chief guest; Mr. Jai Prakash Chandrasekhar who was from being an important person of the day turned into an influential person for all of us. The programme was earmarked by prayer song followed by lightning which enlightened the beautiful occasion. The honourable chief guest being a former christite still remembered the core values of Christ University which literally made us speechless. The day got better, as the activities conducted by Mr. Jai Prakash Chandrasekhar emphasized many important things which cannot be learned but has to be experienced. For instance, balancing the marshmallow with spaghetti & the activity is about how long the tower one can build with the help of the materials given. Therefore, everyone involved in the activity focussed only on the height rather than building the strong base. This lesson taught us how important it is to concentrate on small things which will lead us to achieve bigger things in life.
On the next day, all of them were already into their strides and there seems to be a sudden spring in the steps as everyone were more eager to get involved in that occasion knowing that we are never going to come across this again. The day belongs to each & every christites as all were deeply involved in getting not only their respective sides to cross the line, but also the other teams too. Therefore, teamwork, to remain calm under stressful situation, importance of small things & its impact in overall proceedings are some of the lessons learned from the activities been conducted. Hence, a good beginning has to be well ended & more importantly implicate these valuable lessons in every aspect of life which will not only solve the issues but also to enhance one as an individual.

Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Intra-college Business Plan competition

Intra-college Business Plan competition

“The value of an Idea lies in its implementation. Thus, an idea is useless, unless implemented”.

India is turning into a Start-up nation. With each day passing, a new start-up is emerging. And who is responsible for this? It’s none other than Entrepreneurs Thus, to prepare students, the budding entrepreneurs, for their future, Christ Institute of Management; Ghaziabad organized an Intra-college Business Plan competition named I-Start on 23rd of September’2016. This event was hosted by Entrepreneurship Cell of CIM. 
The event had participation of 10 teams from 4 different houses. The event had 2 rounds; 1st round was Elimination round which consisted of presenting and briefing the idea to the judges through the medium of visuals i.e. by drawing on the chart paper, for which students were given 1 day. It was a tough decisions that judges has to make about which team wil qualify for the next round and which will be eliminated but fortunately no team was eliminated and judges promoted everyone for the 2nd round which was all about pitching the ideas to the judges, where judges were suppose to act as venture capitalists and teams were asked to persuade judges for funding by explaining all their strategies, be it marketing, finance, management structure & operations and many more for their ideas. The results were not declared on the same day and were prolonged for the next day, just to keep that anxiety among the students. Eventually, next day the results were out and were like this- Jason & Sukriti were 1st, Anamika & K. Arun bagging the 2nd position and Jeslyn & Jatin being the 3rd best to attract judges. The overall event was a great learning for everyone and showcased the brilliance of students as in coming out with innovative ideas.

Jatin Bhatia


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