Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Feedback on 'Aspire Workshop'

We had organized the Workshop on personal effectiveness named "Aspire". It was All about motivating students settings individual smart goals and opening up mental blocks. This workshop comprised series of outdoor activity and team bonding exercises. Overall students showed positive participation and have liked the workshop very much. Few of the participants thoughts are shared here.

Nihar Sankhla    
●"ASPIRE" workshop which was held on 22nd September was an immense learning experience along with fun. I never really believed learning can be so much fun. All the activities which were
conducted were really enjoyable and made me realize the value of each individual's effort in team work and the satisfaction derived form it.

●I incurred a great learning experience apart from our regular studies which was very refreshing. Those activities focused on team work, leadership, encouragement, motivating everyone, building connection with others, and more importantly i understood the behavior of my team members which helped me to make a certain level of connection with them. Overall it was a very refreshing experience.

●I have a positive and satisfactory feedback on this workshop. The way entire day was planned was tremendous and i made sure i cooperated with everyone as much as i can. From conduction of activities to interaction among us was really enjoyable.

Diptanshu Gautam
●The Workshop was great. I really enjoyed myself and did a bit of physical exercise. All over it was awesome.

Regina Jos
ASPIRE made me realize my inner strengths and potential and gave me the confidence to push myself and utilize my abilities to their best and also taught me how to work in teams.

I would surely like to attend many such workshops for the motivation to keep going, no matter what.

Sukriti Jacob
●Aspire workshop challenged us to think out of the box and expand our team skills. The workshop was a good event to recharge our batteries after a hectic period of studies.

Dev Shukla
●The workshop was great and helped us a lot in developing many aspects of our life.

Samriddhi Ohri
●The workshop was not only a good break from our studies, but also a great learning experience. We have learnt that only person cannot perform all tasks alone, rather it takes a well co-ordinate and well directed team of people to achieve a target. It has taught us the value of a team and team building skills. Overall, an enriching experience.

Akshay Bhatt
The workshop provided an opportunity for all the classmate and seniors to interact and connect more. Also , it served as a much needed break from studies



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