Saturday, 27 June 2015

Value Added Programmes

Xed Excellence in Education.

Objective:  To enhance the different skill sets and strengthen possibilities of placement for individual students.
Activities –Current affairs program for news update via SMS /online , weekly newsletters & fortnightly quizzes and Economic indicators & data analysis, Business news articles, International news articles, Miscellaneous news articles, Training, Assessment and Placement Assistance Program by Xed Intellect (partner)

BEC (Business English Certificate)  

By University of Cambridge through British Council as partner
Objective: To help the students build their English Language capabilities and to assure the Recruiters that a BEC holder possesses a certain level of Business English proficiency.
Activities – Students learn (helped by a coordinator) and prepare for the online/written examination (conducted by approved Cambridge university personnel) based on the study material given by the University of Cambridge 

Book reviews

Objective:  To cultivate/enhance reading habit and motivate students to read for information & knowledge and get wisdom from various writers, and also to improve communication & vocabulary
Activities – Students select   suitable/relevant book in consultation with the faculty and after reading and discussion it make a review presentation to the class.

Current affairs

Objective:   To give the students an edge, not only during group discussions and personal Interviews but also to perform outstandingly in their respective careers.
Activities –This is In addition to Xed, have to be done through online surfing, reading important business magazines and articles using the vast resources of library.

Corporate Stories

Objective:  To apprise students about the context and the style of doing business of different business houses/ industries.
Activities - Students select a corporate house in consultation with the faculty. After gathering all relevant information including the financials and all interactive discussions, make an open house presentation. After a question answer session feedback is given.

Advance Excel 

Objective: To make the student well-versed in this software tool, which is essential in helping the managers to gather/store and analyze business data in order to take better business decisions.
Activities – learning the theory and all the formulas. Practical classes in the computer labs.


Objective:  To introduce this versatile software for enhancing accuracy in financial analyses and decision making.

Activities – learning the theory and all the formulas. Practical working on computers to deepen the knowledge.

Tuesday, 23 June 2015

We are proud to be part of Christ University Trust

India Today Ranking of Colleges and Universities
Congratulations to all!

We are proud to be part of Christ University Trust

Christ University is at the top again!


Monday, 22 June 2015

We are proud to be part of Christ University Trust

India Today Ranking of Colleges and Universities

Congratulations to all!

We are proud to be part of Christ University Trust

Christ University is at the top again!

Thursday, 18 June 2015


The choice of career is one of the difficult stages in the life of a student. In Christ Institute of Management, Delhi NCR; undergraduate students have 3 specializations which they can choose from.  At the stage of enrollment, college provides counselors and market experts who guide the students in making their choice of specialization based on a number of factors for getting a better opportunity in their area of interest. The Faculty of Management provides several platforms for the students to share their concerns which give them better opportunity to interact with the resource persons coming from different professions. Each resource person represents a specific domain of specialization and has expounded on the opportunities and prospects, especially in the business sector. The resource persons were individually introduced to the students to let them know of their relevant background. The resource persons emphasized that aside from the major they have chosen, their career success or employment is also attributed by many factors given as follows –
  • Competence in the major as shown in their CGPA
  • The passion and interest in the chosen career
  • The attitude and personality
  • Openness to go places and/or assignments
Students should really consider these factors and not just persist in their closed mind set and influence made by their parents, friends and relatives.
We, as Christ Institute of Management, Delhi NCR strongly believes that the inputs we give to our students through these exercises do make our students more rationale and careful in the choice of career for their success in the future.

To know more :

Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Career Guidance Fair 2015

Title              :  Career Guidance Fair

Start Time    :  18-06-2015  09:00 AM
End Time      :  20-06-2015  05:00 PM

Location       :  Lakhi Shah Vanjara  Hall in Gurdwara Rakab Ganj Sahib Complex,(Opp. Parliament House, New Delhi

Description  :  The CGF - 2015 brings together major Universities and educational institutions to share educational information and provide career counselling to students

Friday, 12 June 2015

Christ Institute of Management Test

    1. The duration of the Entrance Test will be for two hours.
    2. Entrance Test Pattern - 120 Minutes - 120 Questions - 120 Marks
    3. Each Correct Answer carries 1 mark
    4. The test will be administered to candidates on request with a schedule.

    English Language
    Comprehension Skills
    Verbal Reasoning
    General Knowledge, Current Affairs
    Quantitative Aptitude, Numerical Ability, Fundamental Mathematical Operations
    Reasoning: Critical, Analytical and Logical
    Data Analysis and Interpretation


    Thursday, 11 June 2015

    Careers in PGDM Finance

    Top 10 Careers in Finance: Planning to get a management degree with specialization in Finance?

    Christ Institute of Management,Delhi NCR,
    Ghaziabad, Established by Christ University Trust, Bangalore offers ‪‎PGDM‬ ‪Finance‬. Christ Institute of Management is focused to provide in depth knowledge and hand-on skills in various aspects of finance. Lets see what career you can choose after completing this course:

    1) Investment Banking
    2) Consulting
    3) Merchant Banking
    4) Risk Management
    5) Private banking
    6) Asset management
    7) Project Finance
    8) Private Equity/Venture Capital
    9) Financial Analyst
    10) Corporate Finance

    For more information and ‪#‎admission‬ related queries please visit:

    Wednesday, 10 June 2015

    Career Guidance and Placement

    A Christite seldom leaves the portals of the Institution without a lucrative job offer in hand. It is this demand in the job market that makes him/er different from other graduates in the country. The Placement Office leverages the immense employability potential for recent business school graduates and post graduates nationally and globally.

    “We will see a strong upward trend in 2015,
    as 84% companies  worldwide plan to add fresh management trainees.
    Employers are also planning to increase the starting salaries for new management hires either at the rate of inflation (30% companies) or higher (21% companies.)”
    (Survey conducted by GMAC, the European Foundation for Management Development, MBA Career Services and Employer Alliance)

    About the Placement Office
                                        The placement Office is the official coordinators for campus placement in various organizations depending on the students’ areas of interest and also provides guidance, training and facilitation to prepare them for the challenges ahead in their career. The enthusiastic placements team strives for effectively striking a match between recruiter expectations and student aspirations. The vision of the placement Office is to achieve 100% quality placements, besides at least two alternative options.

     The Placement Team comprises of
                              1) The Director
                              2) Placement Coordinator

                              3) Students Representatives

    The Activities
                                 Placement Office handles all training and placement oriented aspects in the institution. The main objective of the office is to channelize the communication with the industry, thus providing assistance to both the institute and the industry in the process of recruitment as well as training opportunities for the students. We also conduct various industrial visits giving our students exposure to practical industrial problems.
    We also support our students with the fineness that they require not just for placements but also for their launch into corporate careers. With this in mind, we offer several employability enhancement activities that include:

    Communication evaluation sessions

    Resume/GD/PI workshops

    Informal interactive talks with alumni in hostels and departments

    Business English Certificate (BEC), and Xed, book reviews, corporate stories help students          prepare for interviews, leadership skills and personality development.
    Workshops, seminars, and training programs.

    Preparatory activities such as mock tests and discussions

    Companies who have visited Christ University Trust campuses for recruiting Class 2015
    The placement season for the 2013-15 batches of the Management students went on in full swing. It was an intensive process involving meticulous coordination between the company, students and the 

    The campuses have always attracted some of the top companies for hiring of our Management graduates and this year has been no exception. From Accenture to E&Y, from TCS to HUL, it has been a broad spectrum of companies spanning multiple sectors, industry and geography.

    Here is the list of 100+ companies who made it to CUTC

    Monday, 8 June 2015

    Uniqueness of our programme

    1.     Trimester System – There are six trimesters extended for two years
    Each Trimester has got six papers each to study. Our institute provide education to their students through various methods like Co-teaching, Team-teaching, Faculty Exchange Programmes, Industry experts, etc. Faculties adopt various teaching pedagogies like classroom lectures, presentations, simulations, role playing, live projects, case studies, activities and supervisions to make the sessions more realistic and practical.
    2.     Specializations – In today’s scenario, the most wanted specializations in the Management Education are Finance, Marketing and Human Resource. We offer all these three specializations which make them more prepared for better employment as and when they complete their education here.

         Value Added Courses

                                                  Xed - Excellence in Education (Current Affairs Programme)

                           BEC (Business English Certificate)
                  by University of Cambridge through British Council  as partner
                                                  Book reviews

                                                 Corporate Stories

                                                  Software Training

          •        Advance Excel 
          •       Tally 
          •      SPSS 

     4.     Campus to Corporate Policy
                                    The entire training programme is organized with a policy of taking the students through excellent teaching –learning process to world of opportunities in the Corporate World.

    5.     Corporate Connect
                                     Corporate being the ultimate destination of the young professionals of Christ Institute of Management, Delhi NCR, intensive facilitation is provided to the students for starting their career with the top notch Corporate Houses.
    Students are taken to Industrial Visits time-to-time. Corporates are invited extensively for Guest Lectures. The industry-focused curriculum helps the students to gain accurate knowledge of the history, current and the future scenario of corporate world and prepare themselves for the real challenging world. Contemporary Studies is a composite course of PGDM which enables students to acquire more to-the-specific knowledge of corporates.

    6.     Summer Internships
                                  At Christ Institute of Management, Delhi NCR, the Summer Internship Policy is based on this philosophy that they give the students a great feel for the culture and values of the firm. It also provides the opportunity to know many of the very smart and incredibly talented people and to build strong relationships with them during the internship period which may eventually help the interns get absorbed into the firm after their graduation. The interns who turn their projects into permanent jobs tend to be those who have already done their homework about the industry, the company and the type of work on offer.
    The students are asked to work in one of the firms for eight weeks during this summer (between the first year and second year break) to get an ongoing training and hands on experience. It is also evaluated by the concerned faculty.

    7.     Mentoring
                              Each faculty is provided with a group of students who take part in the process of guidance for academics. Regular guidance from the mentor based on the performance of the students help them to improve in their studies and skills too.


    As a part of PGDM curriculum, the students of Batch 2017-19, presented their colloquium 3 of Dissertation. At this stage of their study t...