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Why You Should Do PGDM in NCR ???

The reason NCR is an attractive option for PGDM

How NCR is an attractive and efficient option for pursuing an PGDM from, the colleges, universities and indsutries present there work as factors for choosing NCR.

                        NCR is a palce full a strange paradoxes but it is home to some of the country's leading schools, universities and industries, whcih has a central support and logical progression path for anyone to pursue a career. This year, lakhs of students in this region will be cleared of their Class XII, or any undergraduate degrees, but wouldn't be clear as to how to go ahead with whatever options they have, as they will be either left with just a handful of government colleges to seek admission in or a handful of companies to choose from if they decide to migrate elsewhere, but NCR has offered quite a tremendous atmosphere and career options in the past and continues to do so.
NCR has grown spectacularly for various reasons in the past and many of them are attributed to education, companies and increased employment and increased industries. There have been many government initiatives that have shaped up well for a large public's benefit. The growth factors such as the largest growth came from the NCR region in terms of banking industry's operations, mainly for the reason that there is a perception that many new players have entered this market, and that there is yet to be seen a significant impact on the overall industry. A lot of focus is invested on how NCR region is expected to improve in terms of attracting a lot younger and talented resource pool in the coming years.

According to PHD Chamber of Commerce and Industry, about 84% of undergraduate and postgraduate students in Delhi NCR feel that India’s growth story will remain intact in future and thus prefer to settle in the country for better career prospects. The current batch of degree pursuers seem quite excited regarding their plans for career development, as 55% of the respondents said that after completing their graduation/ postgraduation, they would want to become self-sustainable financially as early as possible, while 29% of the respondents were thinking about going for further studies. NCR is brimming with opportunities and possibilities in that regard.

It is only natural to compare NCR with Bangalore, or any part of NCR with Bangalore. Both have seen massive IT-driven growth in recent years, their demographics are similar, and so is their growing economic footprint. So far, it would seem both these largely populated are poised evenly in this race, their rate of progress is going almost neck-and-neck. In the recent years, many educational institutions have been pushing their boundaries in providing better higher education, especially with the advent of technology and communication. However, NCR is becoming known across India as an emerging education and economic hub, and is indeed home to some of the best schools, companies and atmosphere in the country. 

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Delhi Education Fair

Christ Institute of Management, Delhi NCR, Ghaziabad is participating in a trade fair organized by Times Group in Delhi. This is a three day event which will take place on 29th, 30th & 31st May, 2015 at Pragati Maidan. Purpose of this event is to create awareness among students about Top B-Schools. 

Wednesday, 27 May 2015

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The Value of MBA in Today's Day and Age

 What is the MBA guarantee in today's day and age?

The overall understanding of what is the necessity behind acquiring an MBA degree, how it is useful and why it is beneficial to the many industries running operations today.

Depth, not breadth, is the key. Promoting yourself is the key and not being the arrogant brat for having done something extraordinary previously. This quality and characteristic is what MBA shapes in a professional. MBA is best perceived when it bridges the gaps in your knowledge, and allows you to make full use of it and work efficiently better than previous performances. That is, for example- it is difficult for every technical guy to know everything about a business as to how to run it, how to hire a talented resource pool, how to manage expectations of investors, how to chart out results that please the investors, how to efficiently manage the team and maintain balance in the management etc etc, even though there are some who have shown the world results that were better than expected, and we read about them. But for an average technical person who has been in the industry for some time, an MBA helps him to understand and co-relate all the factors of a business world and build up a substantial career after pursuing a specialization. It doesn't make him/ her smarter over the period of course but he will be tuned to be well aware of what is going on around him/ her. It is the simple philosohpy of saying whether the grapes are sour until you taste them.

It is a known fact that knowledge goes from fresh to dated to obsolete as time passes. What MBA elucidates is the set of acquiring and utilizing certain set of skills and honing of talent that they stay for a long life in professional career. Some of the qualities and skills such as a comprehensive course in functional skills, the inculcation of a structured thinking process, an awareness of the prevailing business environment, the development of people management skills, quick access to the latest research in management science, access to an active and accomplished alumni base, and lastly a window to further opportunities and creating a niche market.
But the evolution of deriving this value has gone through several litmus tests over decades of studies. Ivy league universities and many top level management firms have done extensive studies and churned out talents and knowledge base to give out answers to four Ws and one H to MBAs, but that uniqueness in each individual pursuing a management course can be immeasurable and incomparable. Many CEOs feel MBAs are absolutely essential—but one must find the right program for themselves, and as soon as one is on the right path that they have chosen after careful analytical thinking, then that graph will be seen as going upward and will be seen as a useful added extra point in recruitement. Basically, an MBA makes it easier if you’re looking for a fresh start, say for example- a teacher wishing to start a business or start-up an enterprise because of an excellent idea and prospective business growth, in a new industry it becomes a difficult task if they are not fully equipped with skills or knowledge to sustain it.

Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Employment Boom for Management Students

             Huge opportunity has come for Management Students. Employers have a demand for recent business school graduates and post graduates. We will see a strong upward trend in 2015, as 84% companies’ worldwide plan to add fresh management students. Employers are also planning to increase the starting salaries for new management hires either at the rate of inflation (30% of companies) or higher (21%). (Survey conducted by GMAC, the European Foundation for Management Development, MBA Career Services and Employer Alliance)

Friday, 22 May 2015

Jaipur Educational Fair

Christ Institute of Management, Delhi NCR, Ghaziabad is participating in a trade fair organized by Times Group in Jaipur. This is a two day event which will take place on 23rd & 24th May, 2015 at Birla Auditorium. Purpose of this event is to create awareness among students about Top B-Schools. 

Summer Internship Programme for the PGDM

Christ Institute of Management, Delhi NCR, Ghaziabad organized Summer Internship Programme for the PGDM 2014 batch on 20th May, 2015 and placed their students in the top most companies across India. The students will undergo training in a specific work area/role in the organisation after understanding products, processes, design, culture and all other relevant aspects of the organisation. An academic mentor is assigned to each of the students for right guidance and regular check on their performances. The students get an opportunity to apply their class room learning to a real life business situation. The students are required to submit a final report in the specific format detailing their learning in the organisation in addition to apprising their academic mentor of the weekly progress

Thursday, 21 May 2015

Christ Institute of Management Test

If you have not appeared for any management entrance test, now there is an opportunity for you to appear for Christ Institute of Management Test (CIMT).
  1. The duration of the Entrance Test will be two hours.
  2. Entrance Test Pattern - 120 Minutes - 120 Questions - 120 Marks
  3. Each Correct Answer carries 1 mark
  4. The test will be administered to candidates on request with a schedule.

English Language
Comprehension Skills
Verbal Reasoning
General Knowledge, Current Affairs
Quantitative Aptitude, Numerical Ability, Fundamental Mathematical Operations
Reasoning: Critical, Analytical and Logical
Data Analysis and Interpretation

                                           Please call +91 9212440111 for more details.

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

PGDM with specialization in Marketing



Scope in PGDM Marketing
  •    If you intend to pursue general management careers, then PGDM in Marketing could be the best for you.

  •  If you are interested in the media and entertainment, research, advertising, promotions and sales field, as well as in management consulting.

This is a two year full time programme which is divided into 6 trimesters. Christ Institute of Management students will undergo foundational courses of management theory and concepts in the first year and would specialize in marketing in the three trimesters of second year. The objectives of this programme are to increase the knowledge and enhance the skills of those working in the field of marketing, advertising, public relations etc. The goal is to develop increased sophistication relative to marketing decisions, and prepare students to be life-long learners and successful professionals.

The purpose of an organization is to create and retain customers. This can ensure long term profitability and growth. Marketing is the business function which is directly charged with this strategic task of customer creation and customer retention.

Christ Institute of Management, through its bouquet of compulsory and optional courses continuously keep its offerings in tune with emerging market dynamics both in India and abroad. Stress is laid on developing sound conceptual base, honing decision making skills and taking reality checks on the class room inputs through live filed projects. A combination of full-time faculty and visiting faculty drawn from industry and business is deployed to deliver this pedagogy.

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

PGDM with specialization in Human Resources Management

                                                          PGDM with specialization in Human Resources Management

                   The PGDM in HRM or Human Resource Management is the two year post graduation degree program for a graduate which basically means the management of employees in organization. It involves the specialized training program in human resource management like planning strategies, recruitment, hiring of employees, and training of employees.

The curriculum designed by CIM for HRM is such that it provides students the best of opportunities and a launching pad for careers. At CIM, every student goes through a wide spectrum of experiences which include the Organization Structure Study, Outbound Training, Book Reviews, Business Competitions, Summer Internships, Industry visits, Current Affairs & Weekly Presentations and Dissertation.
Keeping in view the acknowledged importance of the discipline, the
Human Resource Group offers a compulsory foundation course during the first year and several optional courses for the final year students. Course contents and teaching materials for all courses are constantly revised in tune with the emerging needs of the modern organizations.

Key Features of PGDM in HRM (Human Resource Management):

  •  This PGDM in HRM is a challenging and stimulating intensive course in management studies.

  •    A course for those wanting to develop a management career in strategic human resources.

  • Share and reflect upon your experiences alongside those of others in your multicultural 'Learning Team'.

  •    Provides you with a thorough grounding in Business HR Management via integrating the main functional areas through the application of strategic HR management.

  •    Business skills of leadership, communication, ethics, teamwork and decision-making are the key focus areas.


As a part of PGDM curriculum, the students of Batch 2017-19, presented their colloquium 3 of Dissertation. At this stage of their study t...